regalones inquired i love your blog and posts (and your face and your hair omg!) lol it's about time i followed someone with happy vibes and who can smile. very nice mister sir.

Haha thanks, I love messages like this. Glad you like my vibe/blog!

Anonymous inquired can you post a tutorial on how you do your hair?

I get it wet, I put a wax product in it, I put my fingers pushing back through my hair, then I’m done ! Simple haha

epiphanyofpopculture inquired hey there! how's it going? :)

Good how are you??

Anonymous inquired Omg I was just at balboa the other day

Nice! It’s pretty there

lavendergypsie inquired Hello, you're very attractive and have a perfect smile. Goodbye

Awww that’s nice of you to say that to me. Thanks

didgeridope inquired awesome blog! :)


foodwontbetrayyou inquired Dope blog man!

Thanks, likewise!

lastnamelloyd inquired hello i just wanted to say that your selfie game is so strong that the tumblr dashboard put one of your selfies in one of those "recommended blogs" posts on my dashboard and that is truly inspiring

Haha no way really? Well thank you